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Community Outreach

The Community Outreach committee identifies and contacts community groups, clubs, and other organizations that may be interested in BTA.  They arrange opportunities to speak to these groups to spark interest in BTA, the gala, programs, and luncheons.  Their goal is to increase awareness and promote sales.  

  •  Volunteers Needed Before BTA

  • Most presentations take place in the 2 months prior to BTA



The Corporate Committee works with the Museum's Development department to identify and reach potential corporate donors for BTA.  



The finance committee members are the accountants of BTA.  They interface with the Museum and the various committees that handle money, checks, and credit card charges during BTA.   Their daily report of revenue keeps us on track during the week of BTA.  

  • Volunteers Needed during BTA

  • Responsibilities include collecting and tracking incoming payments

  • 2023-2024 Chair Dorena Petruzzelli


Floral Exhibitors

This team solicits, chooses, and coordinates all of the 100+ floral exhibitors who create floral interpretations of art pieces in the permanent collection of the Museum.   These exhibitors come from around the Bay Area, across the US, and, even, internationally.   The team surveys the flower arrangements daily and if refreshing is needed, they contact the florist.  

Floral Fashions 

Floral Fashions work with City College and their design students.  About 6-8 students are chosen each year to design a garment, incorporating live floral material, which interprets a work of art in the de Young collection.  These fashions are modeled at the Gala and then exhibited at Saks the week of BTA.   

Flower Cart

The Flower Cart committee works with a flower supplier to obtain donations of pre-made bouquets of flowers which are sold during BTA week.  The donations come in twice during the week.  The committee ensures donated flowers are maintained and freshly presented during the week.  

  • Volunteers Needed during BTA

  • Responsibilities include receiving flowers, repurposing arrangements, and staffing 2 flower carts

  • 2023-2024 Chair Sandra Talbott


Hospitality provides snacks & drinks to our floral exhibitors on Selection Day (Date TBD) and again on the day of the installation of the Bouquets to Art exhibit.  They coordinate donations of food from supporters and purchase the rest.  

  • Volunteers Needed on Selection Day and Set-Up Day

  • Responsibilities include picking up and delivering food, as well as staffing the café 

  • 2023-2024 Chair Deborah Mann


Patrons and Opening Night  

The Patrons and Opening Night committee determines the theme of Opening Night and designs the venue and the invitations.  They work with McCall’s on the menu, format. , and establish seating plan. They manage the sale of Opening Night tickets to individuals at higher levels. There are different benefits packages depending on the level of participation. 


During BTA week there are 2-4 lectures presented by prominent designers in the floral industry.  This committee researches and secures presenters.  In addition, they serve as hosts to the presenters and ensure that all that is needed for the various presentations - flowers, containers, video – are ready.  

  • Volunteers Needed during BTA

  • Responsibilities include hosting presenters, working backstage, staffing the door

  • 2023-2024 Co-Chairs Virginia Tsai and Joan Varrone 


This team works in the fall to obtain 5-6 fabulous prizes for the raffle that runs during the week of BTA.   They ensure all volunteers (“ambassadors”) are up to date on everything our visitors will want to know about BTA, the Museum, and the raffle prizes and, at the same time, make it a fun experience.    

  • Volunteers Needed prior to and during BTA

  • Responsibilities include helping to solicit prizes and working as lead ambassadors during BTA

  • 2023-2024 Co-Chairs Sabrina Raphael and Debbie Doyle



Staffing coordinates with all the committees to identify staffing needs for the week of BTA.  There are more than 400 volunteer shifts to be scheduled and staffed.  This is accomplished by having the Auxiliary members sign up using an online application. 


Bouquets to Art Committees 

Bouquets to Art (BTA) is an annual fundraising event sponsored by the Auxiliaries of the Fine Arts Museums (the de Young and the Legion of Honor Museums).  The money raised is dispersed by the San Francisco Auxiliary to the Museums to be used in underwriting new exhibits, conservation and curatorial expenses, and to support outreach and education.

In 2024, Bouquets to Art will be held June 3-9.  We will be celebrating our milestone 40th anniversary year.

If you are interested in learning more about sponsoring Bouquets to Art, please email Corporate Sponsorships Chair Julie Yarbrough 

It is a requirement of membership that each member volunteers at the BTA event each year.  It takes eleven different committees all working together to stage the BTA event which runs for a week at the de Young Museum. 

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